Our Services

App Development

We have wide ranging experience in developing apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Our knowledge of the internal frameworks for iOS and Android ensures that we can always propose the best and most cost effective app solution for your needs.


We use Microsoft's .NET framework to develop applications for the Web and Windows. We also use .NET to develop web services that allow our apps to talk to websites and databases.


Our web design experience includes fast fully responsive brochure websites through to complex backend web applications. Sales Order Processing, Customer Relationship Management and app content CMS systems are a few examples.

Backend Databases

Most applications need a database at some stage. With data stored in the cloud it's available to all of your applications. We specialise in the configuration and implementation of Microsoft SQL Server and MySql.


Over recent years demand has dropped significantly for desktop based applications with client's preferring instead to host their solutions on mobile or the web. However, desktop applications can still come into their own when a solution requires intensive processing or fast and responsive user interface design. We develop applications for both the Mac and Windows.


Supporting an application and is user base is essential if the application is to stay current, bug free and continue to improve by continual iteration. Our support services are fast, flexible and we're happy to tailor our package to your requirements.

SwiftiPhone, iPad and Mac

It's new and shiny - it's also a great language. We build all of our new iOS apps using the Swift language.

C#Web and Windows Applications

C# is our language of choice for writing code for the .NET platform.

Objective-CLegacy iOS & Mac

Before Swift, Objective-C was the main language for building iOS apps. It may have been replaced but many existing apps still need supporting.


Mainly used by us for customising WordPress themes and building WordPress plugins.

JavaAndroid Development

Java is the programming language we us to build Android apps but rumours are abound that we may one day be doing this in Swift.

SQLSQL Server and MySql

SQL Server and MySql are the two main database servers we'll use when building websites.


Some projects are birthed from creative invention whilst others arise from a need to solve a problem.  Whatever the path we’ll help you at this stage to flesh out your idea, cut the wheat from the chaff and give your enough information of the technologies available to make a decision as to the best approach for your needs and budget,


It’s time to plan.  At this stage of the process we’ll present our ideas both verbally and via wireframes, agree the scope and features of the project and set timescales and milestones.  Where required we’ll present you with a working prototype design to aide your design and feature descisions.


The fun bit!  Development begins and you’ll be forwarded beta releases to check progress throughout the development cycle.  In the case of Android or Desktop we’ll send you beta install files.  For the Web we’ll setup abeta site and for iOS we take advantage of Apple’s Testflight which allows use to push testing releases to you.


Wherever necessary we’ll help you with the actual launch of the product whether that be to an app store, desktop or URL.

Following release we’ll continue to support your project for as long as required.  We don’t charge for fixing bugs and we’re more than happy to talk about feature additions on a case by case basis.

Software OwnershipIt's your code

Any software we develop for you belongs to you. We'll give instant access to your entire code base on demand.

BackupsIt's all safe

We take backups extremely seriously. Of your data including the code base, databases and assets is backed up regularly and available to you at your request. Should disaster strike we'll have you back up and running in no time.